Each year, many of our students participate in academic testing. Every teacher at Grace strives to see each student fulfill their potential by challenging them academically in each subject. Fine Arts Academic Testing gives students the opportunity to continue to stretch themselves by tackling a challenging test that they are unable to study for. By not knowing what may be asked, these tests are a good indicator of how much students are learning year after year. We are happy to say that our students score high on these tests at both the state and national level. Below is a list of this year's winners.


2o17 High School Results

National Level

Results Pending

State Level

Katelynn Allwood - 1st Place in Advanced Math & US History

Joshua Callahan - 1st place in Expository Writing & Spanish; 2nd Place in New Testament; 3rd Place in Writing/Poetry

Craig Carpenter - 1st Place in Political Science; 2nd Place in US History; 3rd Place in Spanish

Madelynn Henderson - 1st Place in Creative Writing, 2nd Place in Expository Writing &Spanish

Noah Lambert - 1st Place in Music Theory

Michael Lilly - 1st Place in Old Testament

Rachel Lykins - 2nd Place in Political Science

Isaac Perry - 3rd Place in Algebra/Geometry

Lucas Willis - 2nd Place in Old Testament

Jacob Wood - 1st Place in English; 2nd Place in Creative Writing & Algebra/Geometry; 3rd Place in Spelling

2017 Junior High & Elementary Results

Testing Still in Progress - Results to Follow