Student Successes

Grace has a rich history of producing graduates able to succeed in whatever field God calls them to. Some of the more recent successes are listed below:

National Merit Scholars

Titus Willis - winner (attends Columbia University)

Dr. Jay Lakhani - semifinalist

Dr. Laura Savory - semifinalist (she also co-authored a College Business textbook)

NOtable Careers

Julie Warren - Worked in US Attorney General's Office during George W. Bush Administration

Herman Chan - Earned a Master's Degree from Penn State and worked on Wall Street

Elizabeth Wiebe - Associate Director of Faith Based Office during George W. Bush Administration and now VP of Christian Alliance for Orphans

Maureen Van Den Berg - Legislative Director of AACS Office and now Policy Analyst for AACS


Graduates Who Are Now Doctors

Gabi Meadows, MD

Stephanie Black, MD

Ben Williams, MD

Jay Lakhani, MD

Stephen Shaffer, MD

Caleb Huff, MD

Caleb Perry, DC

Zachary Fisher, DPT

Graduates who now work at grace

Candice Broestler - English Department

Angie Jolicoeur - English Department

Pastor Keith Wiebe, Jr - Lead Pastor of all Grace Ministries

David Brokke - Music Pastor and Music Teacher

Hillary Mitchell - Female Athletic Director

Rebecca Conley - Pre-kindergarten Aide