Private High School in Huntington, WV

Our secondary program is a rigorous College Preparatory course of study. Students graduating from Grace are well versed in all major subject fields. Additionally, they get a full four years of Bible and have the opportunities to take different electives in areas that interest them. Practice for the ACT is integrated into the curriculum of many classes, as well as an opportunity to take the PSAT as sophomores. Keep reading to find out about the opportunities available within the different fields of studies.

Many of our secondary classes, use a Learning Management System called Canvas.  Access it by clicking here: Canvas

College Preparatory Program Serving Students in Ashland & Huntington, WV

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The Bible is more than just another textbook at Grace Christian School. It is the context for our entire educational package. Biblical principles provide the framework for every subject we teach. In our Bible classes, we provide the information necessary for our students to develop a Biblical worldview. Everyone has a worldview, based on their assumptions about our world and their place in it. We believe that the Bible provides the only undistorted lens through which an accurate worldview can be maintained.

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In a technology saturated world, Grace takes seriously the need for proper training in basic computer skills as well as a proper Biblical approach to the use of technology. Courses are offered in keyboarding, Microsoft Office, and Digital Citizenship.

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The English courses at GCS strive for excellence in all areas of English and literature.  We teach an in-depth curriculum of grammar and address the etymology and rules of vocabulary. In literature, we study World, British, and American literature, as well as cover an assortment of classic novels.  



God's Work in redeeming us to Himself through Jesus Christ is the scope and purpose of history. Throughout history, we see God at work confronting people with Himself, Who He is and what He is doing to draw men and women to Himself. God clearly demonstrates Himself as "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." Over and over again, history demonstrates the lengths to which God will go to give us opportunity to come to Him and man's response to that invitation. Jesus Christ is the central figure of history and our relationship to Him is told throughout the narrative of history.



Mathematics is a discipline that many feel does not have religious or spiritual underpinnings. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible is concerned with numbers, and we know God is a God or order and reason. That orderliness and precision is demonstrated in the consistency of mathematical truths. Grace strives to prepare its students academically for future math classes, college majors, and careers. Many vocations require sound mathematical knowledge, including those that wouldn't typically be considered a career in math. Classes offered are: Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Business Math, and Consumer Math.



Science is an incredible opportunity to learn more about the Creator of the universe. By learning about how God designed things, we not only learn more about who He is, but also learn more reasons to stand in awe of Him. After a science survey course in the 6th grade, Life Science in 7th, Earth Science in 8th, Physical Science in 9th, and Biology in 10th, students have the opportunity to take the following: Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, and Dual Credit Biology course through Marshall University.

With a fully functional lab, students also get the opportunity to learn hands-on science. From learning how to determine unknowns through systematic analyses to dissections or acid-base titrations, students have a number of opportunities to learn science through inquiry.



The study of a foreign language is useful and productive on many levels. The concepts, grammar, and vocabulary demand critical thinking and determined effort. Listening skills rise to a higher level, and students must learn to convert unfamiliar sounds and words to understanding. Spanish is like no other class; much information is presented with hands-on activities , such as manipulating plastic foods, acting out stories, making learning posters, blowing bubbles, and even writing their own books with photos they have taken. Learning another language is an adventure!



The secondary schedule at Grace is rich with opportunities to explore personal interests. Some of our electives fall under other departments, like our dual credit Biology course through Marshall University, Honors Calculus, Honors Physics, and Honors Chemistry. Click below to learn about more of our electives.