Academic Excellence

A primary indicator of an effective school and the ultimate goal of ongoing school improvement is student achievement—academically, spiritually, socially, and physically. It is difficult, if not impossible, to separate the achievement of students from effective teachers, good programs, and curriculum effectively implemented in an organized and efficient manner in a safe environment facilitated by good relationships and communication.

Goals for Our Students

To Be Schooled Academically

Apply critical thinking skills

Use creative thinking skills

Demonstrate ability to follow directions

Employ problem solving skills

Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills

Demonstrate competency in math, language, history, science, and Bible

Read and comprehend narrative and expository text at age/grade appropriate levels

Use computer skills

Adapt grade appropriate research tools (dictionaries, library, encyclopedia, internet search engines, keyboard skills, graphs, charts, map reading skills

Identify most effective methods of personal study and apply research tools to daily study

To Be Equipped Spiritually

Exhibit a genuine love for God

Exhibit a genuine love for others

Recognize the Bible as the authoritative source for our faith and practice

Demonstrate a desire to grow in both grace and knowledge of the Lord

Demonstrate obedience to the commands and principles found in the Word

Analyze local, national, and world events in light of God’s truth

Demonstrate a burden for the lost by sharing their faith

Show respect for the church through regular attendance

Show respect and appreciation for parents, teachers, and pastors, and rules

Choose to seek and follow God’s will for college

To Be Skilled Physically

Show respect for the body and physical fitness

Use skills to the maximum potential

To Be Prepared Socially

Demonstrate love the community through service

Demonstrate the ability to be friendly and make friends

Show appropriate confidence and humility in various situations

Appreciate the fine arts

Show love and respect for America

Exemplify respect, courtesy, work ethic, proper etiquette, etc.