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English Scholars is an invitation only club open to students in grade 9-12. We discuss upper level English concepts. It is designed to review and prepare students for ACT/SAT testing and college English.

English Scholars


Literary Guild is open to students grade 9-12. We discuss classic literature in order to give students a great variety of classic books. This helps broaden a students understanding of the great works of literature. It is a student-led group. Students read the novels on their own time and then the group discusses major components of the book.

Literary Guild


National Christian Honor Society

The National Piano Guild is an opportunity for students to plat for a nationally certified judge and earn a rating. There isn't competition against other students. Our judge this year is Mrs. Dara Henry. Students will earn a pin and a certificate for performing. They are also a student member of the Piano Guild for one year. This year's judging will be held on April 27-28. It will be held in Grace's auditorium. Students need to register through their piano teacher.

National Piano Guild

Robotics is a student-led club opened to students in grades 9-12. It is designed for students interested in design and engineering. Each year they work together to build different machines


Spanish Club is open to all current students in Spanish I and II and to interested sophomores and seniors. We meet during lunchtime on Fridays, and engage in lots of fun activities using our knowledge of the language. We play games with vocabulary, sing songs, read children's books, and act out stories. We even have our own t-shirts!

Spanish Club

The Student Council consists of the presidents and vice presidents from the 9th-12th grade classes. These students serve to represent the student body to the administration and are involved in some decisions that affect the student body. The Student Council also organizes various activities for the student body including pep rallies, the Soldier Games, student fun days, and more. This years student council consists of Lindsey Copenhaver, Levi Harless, Isaac Perry, Tanner Perdue, Adam Childers, Noah Lambert, Jacob Wood, James English and Rachel Lykins.

Student Council

TARS is open to students grades 9-12. This club is designed for students interested in promoting and continuing the conservative political process.  We feature community, state, and national leaders as guest speakers. We discuss the free enterprise system and the responsibility of the individual to promote the freedoms promised us in the Constitution.