Biblical Emphasis

The Bible is more than just another textbook at Grace Christian School. It is the context for our entire educational package. Biblical principles provide the framework for every subject we teach. In our Bible classes, we provide the information necessary for our students to develop a Biblical worldview. Everyone has a worldview, based on their assumptions about our world and their place in it. We believe that the Bible provides the only undistorted lens through which an accurate worldview can be maintained. Our weekly chapels offer the tools of information and philosophy offered throughout the rest of our educational experience. No one can be forced to accept an idea, and that is not our goal at all. We want to present truth, contrast it with error, and encourage the students to choose truth!


Every week, the secondary and the elementary gather separately for chapel. This is a time to delve deeper into God's Word and see how it applies to our lives today. The services are led by different pastors in the area. It is a sweet time to learn more about our God and sing His praises together.

God and I Time

Of the utmost importance in our lives is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To demonstrate that priority and to foster a consistent relationship in the lives of our faculty and student body, time is set aside each day to spend quiet time with the Lord. At the end of first hour each day, students and teachers alike set aside their texts, projects, homework, grading and take their Bibles out. They spend time in prayer, reading different passages of Scripture, and journaling prayers or things that stood out to them.

Power Groups

About twice a month, students break out into small Bible study groups. Each group is led/supervised by a faculty member. These groups spend time eating together, praying together, and taking a deeper look into the Bible together. It is important that faculty members and students get a chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom. This gives us an opportunity to grow together as Christians and developing meaningful "iron sharpening iron" relationships across the schools.

Bible Classes

Each graduate of Grace has had the rich opportunity to take a different Bible class every year they have been here. Starting all the way in pre-kindergarten, the Bible is a major theme in each classroom. By the time students reach secondary, one of their class periods each day is a dedicated Bible class.  In the middle school years, they cover topics like "Practical Christian Living," "The Life of Christ," and "Old Testament Characters." In high school, students take classes like "Bible Doctrines," "Church History," and "Apologetics"