Grace Christian School began to participate in the National Archery in Schools (NASP) in 2013. NASP is a national program that incorporates learning archery for a life long skill and as a motivator for better academic achievement. Our students participate in archery from December through March. We actively participate in archery tournaments in the local area. Archery participation is open to students in grades 6-12 and to a lesser degree for grades 4-5. We hope that you will desire to be a part of our archery program!

Upcoming Events

2/03/18 Elkview Archery Tournament

2/17/18 East Carter Archery Tournament

2/24/18 Cabell Midland Archery Tournament

March 2018 - TBA GCS Intra School Tournament 


Our Coach


Coach Brewer has been coaching various athletics over the course of his tenure at Grace. Mr. Brewer has been an avid outdoors man all of his life. He began shooting archery at an early age when he could make a simple bow out of stick and string. He has enjoyed archery hunting for 35 years and so it naturally followed to begin an archery program at Grace. NASP (National Archery in Schools Program) provided the perfect platform to get started at Grace. We have been doing archery at Grace since the fall of 2013. Coach Brewer believes that archery is a skill that all students can learn and do. Archery is something that they can do for life. It encourages discipline, focus, and concentration, and it also brings a great sense of accomplishment to the archer. We started the program at  Grace to provide an opportunity for students to be part of a team who are not involved in traditional athletics, the participation has grown immensely by both non-athletic and athletic participants alike. Our future goals are to participate in the West Virginia State Tournament and hopefully the National Tournament in Louisville , KY.